• Wear your mittens – it protects your hands from skate blades, and it is very cold on the ice.
• Protective (CSA Approved) helmet with a chinstrap is required to the end of level 5. A Helmet with a face mask is required for all new skaters. Those skaters not wearing approved helmets will not be permitted to enter the ice surface. This is for the safety of the participant.
• No Food, Drink or Chewing gum are allowed on the ice.
• All rink doors are to remain closed while skaters are on the ice.  
• No Jeans and we encourage long hair be pulled back!
• Skaters are expected to remain on the ice for the duration of their skating lesson. We understand that for some children it can be difficult especially in the beginning, so we ask for the support of parents on this. We ask that if your child gets upset when going on the ice that those parents get the child onto the ice and then step back away from the doors to area where they can still see their son or daughter, but their daughter/son may not see them as easily. This always helps. If your support is needed by the on-ice coaches and program assistants, they will seek you out.
• Due to insurance regulations only the Coach, Club Executive, and registered skaters/parents (Parent & Tot) are allowed on the ice during lesson time.

Refunds and credits will be determined at the discretion of the club. All requests for refunds must be made, in writing, addressed to the Board of Directors. The Club’s general policy is that refunds and credits are NOT permitted after the 3rd week of a program except for medical reasons, accompanied by a Medical Certificate. All Skate Canada fees, and fundraising fees are final and are not subject to refund or credit. NO refunds or credits are provided for missed sessions. Make-up ice for hours missed on a skater’s scheduled day will NOT be granted. The club is NOT obligated to refund registration fees for unforeseen ice closures due to special events/circumstances or equipment/mechanical breakdown beyond our control. 

Withdrawal due to non-medical or non-injury reasons BEFORE the 3rd week of the program: Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating for any non-injury related reason may receive a pro-rated refund (less the Skate Canada and fundraising fee) provided they withdraw before the 3rd week of the program. These cases will be charged a $15 administrative fee. No refunds will generally be provided for non-injury related reasons after the 3rd week of the program.  

Withdrawal from all skating club sessions due to injury/medical reasons: Skaters who are unable to skate due to an injury or medical reasons may be given a credit (less the Skate Canada and fundraising fees) towards a future season. The Club may request an official Doctor’s Certificate from the skater, requesting the credit. The credit may be pro-rated depending on how much of the season the skater has completed. No administrative fee will be charged.

COVID-19 Refund Policy
If the COVID-19 or any other health pandemic forces the closure of the Keady Community Centre by the Township of Chatsworth or the pause or premature end to the skating season by Skate Canada, Skate Ontario, the Province of Ontario or Pubic Health participants shall receive a refund or credit for the pro-rated amount of their registration fee minus the Skate Canada insurance fee for the number of ice times missed. No refunds will be issued until the season is officially completed or cancelled. Should your child fail the health questionnaire for any session, or you choose to withdraw your child due to COVID-19 concerns and the program continues to run, NO refund will be issued.

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